Friday, October 30, 2009

Much better end of the week!

Well in the my previous post I was having a bad day, little did I know the next day was going to make it SOOOOOO much better. 

GT came home and said he had good news and bad news. So I said bad news first...he said I am going to have to drive to Shreveport and Tyler more often for training. I said ok, good news, he said there has been so promotions within the company and he is going to be service manager in LONGVIEW! YIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!! We are so glad we get to stay here in our house, at our church, with our friends, still close to our familes, etc...  GOD IS SOOOOOO GOOD! My opinion is that it was a test to see if we would be faithful. To see if we would be willing to go wherever he sends us and all along the plan was for us to stay here! We dont really know how we are going to keep up with our mortgage but we know He will provide! I might have to go back to work but not for a few more months and hopefully it will just be part time if I do. I really really do not want to go back to work. I love love love being home with Audrie. It seems like everyday she changes and does something new. I dont want to miss out on that. I love it. I love our routine. I love being able to control what she hears, sees, etc... But like I said I know God will provide if it His will. We will just have to be patient and see. 

So here are some new things going on with Audrie:
  • She still sleeps through the night! Praise the Lord! She has been sleeping through the night for about 3 or 4 weeks now. I thought it might be a phase, but it stuck! She sleeps from about 11 pm until 9:30am! 
  • She still sleeps in the basinet next to me. I am not ready for her to be separated from me. And some mornings GT wakes her up on accident when he is getting ready so I just put her in bed with me. I did it the other morning and she wasnt even waking up! I am so bad. But I wanted her to cuddle with me.  :)
  • She is drinking 5 oz in almost every bottle! She eats every  3 hours during the day, sometimes she goes 3 1/2 hours.
  • We are trying a new formula. It is still Good Start, but it is Protect Plus. It is supposed to be extra good for their immune system.
  • She smiles alot now! I couldnt even get her to drink her bottle at 12:30 because she wouldnt stop smiling!  Now, all I have to do is smile and her and she smiles back.
  • She loves to "fly" in the air. Her favorite thing is when I lay her down on top of my legs and pretend like she is flying.
  • She is grabbing at her toys more. She really likes this one toy. It is a hot pink poodle. Adalynn likes hers alot too...must be the color.
  • Recently, I bought some veggie tales and kids hymn cds. She LOVES the veggie tales CD. It is the 25 sunday school songs. And I kinda like it too, so it works out-haha!
  • She will be 3 months in 4 days. It makes me a little sad. Like, I want her to get older and do new things, but then I want her to stay a little baby all at the same time. 
Ok, thats enough for now. I could go on and on. You moms know how it is! 

I meant to add this recipe to my last posts, but like I said, Ive been busy! 

Sweet Potato Bread

3 cups sugar
1 cup oil
4 eggs
3 1/2 flour (self-rising)
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon nutmeg
1/2 tablespoon ground cloves
2/3 cup of water
1 cup nuts (optional)
2 large cans of sweet potatoes or 4 mashed sweet potatoes 

Combine sugar and oil. Beat well. Add eggs and beat. Combine remaining dry ingredients and add to egg mixture. Add water. Drain and stir in sweet potatoes and nuts. Pour into greased loaf pans. Bake 350 degrees for an hour. 

Usually makes about 3 loafs. You can also add raisins if desired. 

Also, here is the recipe for a yummy icing if you want to jazz it up!

1 pkg or box of powder sugar
1 tablespoon of butter
1 8oz pkg of cream cheese

Stir together. Add a little water if too dry. It can sit out for a few hours, but needs to be refrigerated. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

A BAD day...

I typed this on Tuesday, but I am just now posting it...I've been busy! 

So...this is how my day went. 5:00 am had a dream that my husband was going to divorce me to marry another woman. Woke up upset and couldnt go back to sleep. He has confirmed this is not true and he would never leave me :)  (yesterday's sermon was on adultery).  Then we get up around 9ish...I cleaned house..then we had to drive 25 minutes to go to the bank to deposit a check. Then Audrie starts screaming, so I fed her in the bank parking lot in the back of my car... then we go to the mall. (when it is raining, Lynzie and I walk in the mall)

Then we are leaving the mall, and I am wearing those flimsy flip flops from getting a pedi, and its raining. I notice my window is down. I was like, "did I put my window down and forget to roll it up?" then I get closer and see that my window is broken and is all in the front seat of my car. so I look around in it and everything looks the same. So then I am thinking, did my window just break? surely not. so then I called GT. I said, I think someone broke into my car, but everything is still there. Then, he said what about the GPS? And I said a few choice words. They broke in to get my GPS. I used to be so good about putting it away. But today, I had a screaming baby and it was pouring down rain. Next, I call 911 then about 20 minutes later an officer shows up to write the report. Then another officer pulls up. Then the mall security comes around. And they ask, do you have someone to help you clean out this glass? I said well my husband is in Henderson working, but he is gonna come. So these 3 service men, leave me and my 12 wk old baby in the rain and never offer to help me clean out the glass. I think I was more upset with them then the person who broke into my car.

Then, when I got home one of the dogs threw up or pooed (not sure) on the couch. :(

Oh, and during the mall fiasco, I dropped my blackberry and got a crack on the screen. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

So here is the recipe for this post:

Chicken Tacos

3 or 4 Boneless Chicken Breast
Can of Diced Tomatoes
I pkg of taco seasoning or chicken taco seasoning

Put all ingredients in crock pot. If chicken is frozen put it on high for 8 hour, if it is just chilled then 8 hours on low. If your having a party you might want to cook more chicken breast. After the 8 hours, take a fork and pull apart the chicken and it naturally makes shredded chicken.

I serve my tacos with soft tortillas, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, hot sauce, and jalapenos. 

Sweet Potato Bread

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tator Tots and Pneumonia

I am soooooo glad to be back home and to have my family back together! GT went to Houston on Sunday, I stayed with my parents in Mooringsport until Monday, then I came back to Longview to clean the house...I didnt sleep the two nights I spent the night here. I am such a weenie and I get scared easily. So Wednesday we headed back to Mooringsport. My mom called when I was 10 minutes from the house saying the doc just called her and she had walking pneumonia. The nurse said she wasnt contagious, but didnt need to be around babies. Great. I had to go though, Audrie was screaming because she was hungry and I couldnt go back to LV and keep on not sleeping during the night. SO, mom stayed in her room. Thursday, my dad and I spent alot of the day sitting in the living room and talking. It was so much fun. We talked about old times and about his family growing up. I love having conversations like that. (For those of you who dont know--my parents live in my grandparents old house, the house my dad lived in from 8th grade on). It was built in 1925! Anyway, so then after internet research, I concluded that mom had been on antibiotics for 2 weeks and it was ok for her to hold Audrie today. So dad found her a mask he uses to cut grass with sometimes and she wore that! It was pretty funny, she wouldnt let me take a picture :)

Now, we are at the house...I got to take a bath and read a book for 30 minutes. No baby. No dogs. It was glorious. 

I have recently started to compile recipes because I need (have) to start cooking at home every night, so I decided I would post some of my recipes, just because it is fun! 

This is one of GT's favorites

Tator Tot Casserole 

1 lb hamburger or ground turkey meat
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 small bag of shredded cheddar cheese
1 bag of tator tots
Tony Chachere's (optional)

Take your thawed meat and smash it flat across the bottom of a pan. (If your using really lean turkey meat, you might want to spray the pan with Pam first) Then, I sprinkle the Tony's on the meat. Next, spread the cream of mushroom on top. Then, sprinkle cheese on top of the COM soup. If you have a big bag, just sprinkle a good layer of cheese to where all the soup is covered. Last, spread out the tator tots in rows over the whole thing.

Bake on 350 for an hour or so, I would check on it at about 45 minutes! Then eat! (For some reason when I was little I would eat it with ketchup, but now that sounds gross)

Monday, October 19, 2009


Homecoming weekend was a blast! Audrie loved her Aunt Allison! She wasnt so sure about Uncle Daniel though. I dont think she likes men very well. She cries everytime my dad tries to hold her. Who knows...

Friday we just hung out at my parents house and watched The Proposal. It was hilarious! Then Saturday we went to Ruston...we went to the dawg house and it took 2 hours! So we didnt get to go by the ABS...we did get to run by and get some tech t-shirts and I got some new tech flip flops! Then we went to the game! It was super fun! Then the best part...we went to El Jarritos. Allison and I's favorite Mexican restaurant! We have alot of memories from that place! Then back to Shreveport. It was such a fun day but it flew by so fast. Then yesterday Allison and Daniel left to go back home and GT left to go to Houston for a week of parents and I met Leighton, Laury and Carter for dinner so that was exciting! I cant believe have big Carter has gotten-seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital while he was being born! He is such a sweet boy! I really hope someone in our family has another boy or poor Carter will be all alone with lots of girls!

Audrie had alot of fun this weekend! She seems to be a little fussier when we arent at our house. She had the cutest outfit that her Aunt Allison made for the homecoming game! I would post some pics, but they take forever and most people that read this are my friend on facebook and there are pics on there.

This week... Right now I am still in mooringsport...I am going to go home today and clean our house. Then come back Wednesday because Luke, Ashley, Claire and Ellie are coming to visit my parents! I cant wait to see them! I havent seen Ellie since she was just a few days old! And I cant wait to see Claire! That girl is a hoot! We are celebrating thanksgiving early since Luke an Ash will be with her family on thanksgiving...and we are also celebrating Ashleys bday (sept 30) Lukes bday which was saturday (he turned 30! omg!) and my dads bday (nov 1) and maybe even my bday (dec 4)...we gotta mix them all together since there are few times the whole family is together!

I am excited about the week to come, but not too excited about being without GT for a week! We will make it! 

Monday, October 12, 2009

good things to come!

Our weekend...
  • Friday night Audrie got to go to her first football game. It was GT's sister's homecoming. She dances on the drill team! Here are some pics. 
She is so beautiful! Audrie was all bundled up in the moby most of the night. She liked it...
  • Saturday morning we met my grandma, Aunt Charlotte, Mom, Dad, Leighton, Laury and Carter at Cracker Barrell in Shreveport. It was my grandmas bday...she turned 79! I loved getting to see Carter! He is getting so big...I gave him some of my biscuit! He loved that!
  • The rest of Saturday we watched shows we DVR'd during the week, watched the Tech vs Nevada game then I was a good wife and watched LSU vs Floridia
  • Sunday we actually made it to church! It is so hard with an infant. I havent put her in the nursery yet...I want to because it is quite distracting for me...BUT we cant risk Audrie getting sick from another baby (or adult), we have a 90 day wait before health insurance with GTs new job kicks in. Then NaeNae, Poppa and Auntie Kaitlin came over for a visit! Then...the best of all...Audrie slept from 11-8:30!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoop! Whoop!
Audrie has slept in bed with me almost every night last week. Its not a habit I really want to start but when she sleeps with me she sleeps all night vs. when she sleeps in her basinet she usually wakes up at 3 or 4. I dont ever worry about rolling on top of her. I am a pretty light sleeper and now I am used to sleeping with her. She loves to bury her head in my chest--that makes me a little nervous and I check her breathing quite often- but if I move her she cries or rolls right back into my chest. I have read so many opinions on it and I still dont know what to think. One opinion is from Dr. Sears in the baby book--they are all about sleeping with children. One of their points is the children grow up so fast and sleeping together is very bonding...I agree with that to an extent. I do try to enjoy each day  and night with Audrie because I do know they grow up really fast. Its funny too how many people let their children sleep with them but then so many people give advice against it...hmmm.... Oh well...As I have previous stated me and Lynzies motto is---Whatever Works!!!!

Here are some things to come for the week:
  • Lynzie and I are going to step it up and walk 2 miles a day! (I have lost 2 lbs--finally!!!!! for the past 2 weeks I havent lost anything!!!!---so 6 more lbs to pre-preggo and about 40 more lbs to be ideal weight)
  • GT has 2 flag football games and a softball game
  • Wednesday-hair cut and shopping day in Shreveport with Lynzie (we might go to the pumpkin patch)
  • Friday----My BUDDY Allison and her hubby Danny boy are coming to mooringsport then....
  • Saturday--TECH homecoming!!!!!!!!!!! Dawg House! EL Jarritos! Good times!
  • Sunday--my buddy goes back home :(  and GT leaves for a week of training in Houston :(
I am sure there will be many pictures from this coming week! 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wait on the Lord

This week has flown by!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week we had Audrie's 2 month appt, softball game, flag football practice and a flag fball game, had friends over, did like 30 loads of baby laundry, cleaned out my car (half-way), cleaned the house good so a realtor could show it and kept a 9 wk old happy, fed and clean. Whew. One lesson I have learned and will tell any mommy-to-be...Being a stay-at-home mom is NOT glorious. It is HARD work. I wouldnt trade it for anything, but it is not what I thought it would be. 

GT started a job last week with Terminix. We are so grateful for this. It is not the job either of us expected for GT to get, but God blessed us and we feel that it was/is His will for sure. I began to reflect on our journey since April when GT was laid off. Here are my thoughts. For some reason, we both really felt like it was God's will GT was laid off. We were upset and scared, but somehow we had a peace about it happening. Then God opened the doors to let GT work with my dad some. My parents needed some help (my dad especially with the blood clots this summer) so that was a BIG help. Also, we got a pretty penny with his unemployment. God gave me the strength to hold out in my job. There were SOOOOOOO many times I wanted to quit. We had actually decided one day that I was going to do give my two weeks the next day. Then during the night I woke up with a heavy heart and knew it wasnt the right choice. So then, I was put in the hospital on bedrest for 12 days before having Audrie. I really needed GT during that time. If he had a job, he would not have been able to be with me like he was during that time. Also, when I came home with Audrie I was recovering from all the stress and craziness of delivery and pre-delivery. And GT was able to stay home with me and Audrie the whole first two weeks we were home. 

God had a plan the whole time. And even though it wasnt close to our plan...We are at peace.

 We have no idea what the future holds. We have no idea where GT will placed in 3 months after training. We dont know if our house will sell before then. We dont know if when it does sell if we will even break even. We dont know how we can afford a new house or how we could move back into an apartment with two dogs and a baby. We dont know how we can continue our house note. I dont know how I can leave my bestfriend who has a child 19 days younger than Audrie--she is such a big support for me. I dont know how we can leave our church we love. I dont know how I could live further from my mom when a hour already seems too far away. 

But I do know...God is SOOOOO much bigger than all of that. He knows what we need and when we need it. He is going to take care of all it better than we could ever do in our own strength. The past 8 months prove all of that. He KNOWS. And even though it is very very hard, we have to trust and be patient.

A verse that has been playing in my mind over and over the past few days is: "Wait on the Lord and be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart." Psalm 27:14

Monday, October 5, 2009

Audrie's 2 Month Doctors Visit

Today was Audrie's 2 month appointment. She weighed 12 lbs 3 oz (87 percentile), she was 23 inches long (74 percentile) and head circumference was 15 inches (59 percentile). We knew she was a little on the chunky side! 

She screamed during her shots of course (me and GT laughed)--how bad parents are we!!! I dont know why it was funny--we think it is because we never heard her make noises like that. Anyway, I am giving her tylenol every 4 hours so she has slept most of today. ( I am not complaining!) She seems to be ok and even smiled at me a few times today.

Also, we told the doctor how sometimes when she eats she cries and after she eats. He thinks she has heartburn--so we are giving her mylanta to see if that solves the problem. If it does, we will get prescription zantac for her. I cant tell so far if its working since Audrie is fussy from the shots- we will see. I am sad we didnt know this sooner, poor little girl was suffering. But I am glad we know now and can hopefully fix it! 

Here is another one of Audries things that we LOVE and would NOT want to be with out:

It is a dr. browns formula mixer. It is wonderful for those who use formula. I make 32 oz every night, so when its time to make a bottle just fill it up and warm it. We switched to powder about 2 weeks ago for money and convenience...but it was so annoying to have to measure every scoop and shake up each bottle. This way its done once a day. And it gets all the clumps out plus reduces bubbles (bonus!)....AND it doesnt cause any foam. 

We got it off  They sale it on but its cheaper at (they dont sell it in the store)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Audrie's Favorite Things

Audrie wanted to share with everyone some of her favorite things:

First one is the best one! Mommy puts almond oil on my bottom and in my leg creases a few times a day and every time I have a poopie diaper. I have never had a diaper rash and my bottom is always smooth and beautiful! Mommy got it at a drug store and says it is a great investment!

My soothie pacifier is really my most favorite thing. I cant get through the day without it! Sometimes mommy tries to give me other kinds of pacifiers but this one is the best! I even have some bottles with the same nipple!

My mommy got this last week and since then I have been alot happier and so has my mommy. I sleep in this thing for hours and have to be woken up to eat! 

Stay tuned for more of Audrie's favorite things...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Trying to learn some head control....

Some recent pics of Miss Audrie. She is growing up toooooo fast...

The moby! Audrie loves it!

Her first "fall" outfit!