Sunday, October 24, 2010

Audrie at 14 months (and 3 weeks)

I was looking at Audrie's scrabook this weekend and telling some people about how I am so bad about journaling, but I scrapbook and blog about what Audrie's up to...and I realized, I havent done that in a LONG time.  For the sake of me being able to come back and read this when I have another 14 month old and think what was Audrie doing at this goes...

  • You dont really walk anymore, you run. With your head down and arms flaling. Which means alot of bruises and falling down.
  • You have some thick thick hair, like mommy, and you are really tall so people think you are 2. But your not. You are a week away from being 15 months.
  • Your vocabulary expands all the time. Right now you can say: mama, dada, bye-bye, ball, dog, duck, ruff-ruff, night-night, diaper, poo-poo, nose, cat, duck, hot-hot, cold, book, no, juice, toes, uh-oh, hello (only when pretending to talk on the phone), papa, papaw, naenae, nana (even though there is no grandparent named nana) 
  • You can identify these parts of your body: nose, hair, belly, toes, foot, teeth and when we ask you if you poo-pooed, you point to your diaper.
  • You can follow some commands. If we ask you to pick something up and bring it to one of us, you usually do. You can go find your milk, baby, ball, etc... You have learned to throw appropriate things away in the trash can.
  • You still havent learned to sign "thank you" but you can sign "please" and "more". 
  • You love to wave hi and bye, although you wont say hi. You wave now even when you are not prompted to. 
  • You are learning to throw things, like the dog toys, and a ball, even though it doesnt go very far. 
  • You also just learned how to kick a ball and you think it is really funny thing to do. 
  • You can eat with a fork when mommy helps you and you really like it. 
  • You love to buckle the top of your carseat with mommys help, you get really excited and clap.
  • You STILL love Baby Einstein's Babys First Sounds
Thats really all I can think of at the moment. I have got to get better at doing this monthly. I know I am going to regret not doing it when this new baby is born and I am wondering what Audrie was like at that age.

This age, to me, is one of the hardest. Audrie is IN TO EVERYTHING...and does not listen to me very well. She listens to her sitter and other people, which I am grateful for, but I wish she would listen to me! I think it is most challenging because she cant communicate as much as I wish she could, so she just whines. and whines. and whines. I know each age comes with their own challenges and I also know one day, I am going to wish she couldnt talk! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pregnancy #2

I am so excited to finally announce that we are having a baby!!!!!! Again!!!!!! I promise to be better about blogging, and even hope to blog weekly about the pregnancy. I wish I would have been more detailed about my pregnancy with Audrie, so I could go back and read what I here is hoping I will blog more during this one!

When we found out--I was supposed to start on September 15...and on September 13, I couldnt wait and took an early detection pregnancy test. It was a very faint I went a bought one that said "pregnant" and took it the next day...and it confirmed that I am pregnant!

How I told GT-- I had the test behind my back when he came home. Told him to close his eyes and put out his hands. When he opened his eyes, he said, "What does that mean?"...Haha. I wanted to do something creative, but I just cant keep in a secret!

How I have been feeling-- so far, so good! I am not near as nauseous as I was with Audrie. Every now and then I will feel some nausea but its nothing compared to my first pregnancy. I would say fatigue is the most noticeable difference. I feel exhausted alot of the time and have no desire to clean my house!

Due Date-- May 28, 2011

Boy or Girl??-- We hope we can find out right before Christmas. I feel like its a boy. I am not sure why. Maybe because this pregnancy is different...maybe I just have that feeling. I want it to be a girl for various reasons, but I would be good either way of course!

First Doctor's Visit- Today, October 21, 2010! I am 8 weeks 5 days. We switched doctors this time. With Audrie we used Dr. Martin.  This time I wanted a man and someone who does more natural childbirths, so we switched to Dr. Doerrfeld. I am glad we switched, I really like him and so does GT :)

What we did this visit- met with the nurse, answered a bunch of questions. Met the doctor. He did a sonogram. Told me I had a tipped or titled uterus, so it was kind of hard to see the baby. We did see him/her and the little heart beating. He wants me to come back in 2 weeks to do another sono, even though everything was ok. Then we got a bagillion magazines and prenatal vitamins!