Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life is happening tooooooo fast!

Wow, it has been awhile since i have posted on here! Sorry I am falling down on the job.  I will list some things that have been going on since my last post:

  • My neice, Ellie Joyce, was born. 8lbs 13 oz--whoa! She is sooo cute. I cant wait to go see her again.
  • Audrie and I go walking with my bestie Lynzie and her daughter Adalynn. They are 19 days apart. Lynzie and I have crazy things in common- we are both social workers, both of our husbands are engineers, we are both left handed, we are both from Louisiana and we both have little girls! It is funny the attention we get in public with the two little ones! But we are also very different--Lynzie aint scared of nobody, she will say anything! I kinda wish I was more like her in that sense. Anyway, we have been walking a mile and 1/2 and next week hope to step it up to 2 miles! 
  • GT has a job!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! He is working as a service manager for terminix! We are so excited! Right now, he will train in Longview for 3 months then we will placed where he is needed. It could be from Monroe, LA to Sulphur Springs, TX--so who knows where we will be...but it will still be relatively close. I think GT is going to be great at it! Tonight I was looking through his Terminix book- it has pics of some nasty bugs. It grossed me out! 
  • I am excited about fall. 1-cooler weather 2- tv shows...haha :) 3-cute clothes for Audrie to wear
  • I am not excited about fall 1-football 2-football 3-football and because that means winter is that much closer and i HATE cold weather. i like fall weather but winter weather (even in east TX) is too cold for me!
  • I got a moby I ordered  in the mail today. If you dont know- a Moby is a baby-wearer. I think Audrie likes it. I am excited to wear it so I wont have to pull her car seat out of the car and carry it around everytime we go somewhere, now I can just get her out of her carseat and slip her in!
  • Audries 2 month visit is next monday! I am sure I will post then about her weight and length. Plus I have some ?'s for the doc- like where can I get Audrie's ears pierced...Anyone out there know? Lynzie said Claires wont do it until they are a year old!
I will post some pics soon...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Here is an update of what we have been up to these past few days:

Friday-Audrie went with mommy to get her hair cut. Had lunch with Aunt Jessie. Stayed at Grammy and Pappy's!

Saturday- we went to visit GT's grandparents, Mamaw & Papaw---They were SOOOO excited! I just love them!

Sunday- Audrie went to church for the first time!!!!! Then we visited my grandmother, Nanny...and got to see cousin Jacey...Audrie and her are 10 days apart. 

Monday- went to NaeNae's and Poppa's to visit! Audrie got to meet alot of relatives for the first time!

Tuesday- went to visit Aunt Lynzie and Adalynn! then went to daddy's last softball game--dont worry, he is about to start Fall Ball, so we will be going to more soon! :)

And now today...we are exhausted. Little Miss Audrie did not want to sleep until 3 am! So apparently Enfamil makes a formula just for nighttime to make the babies belly fuller so they will sleep longer. So last night was our first attempt at this. I was a little nervous because she is on Nestle brand formula and she hasnt had any powder formula yet and thats the only was this comes. But I am desperate for some ZZZZZZ's so we tried it. I waited until her 11:30 pm feeding. She seemed to like it and drank about 3 1/2 ounces of it (she usually drinks 4 oz of her regular formula). then because she slept most of the day, she didnt want to go to sleep. I tried rocking her, singing, letting her cry...etc..at about 2:45 she settled down and fell asleep in her carseat at 3:00 am. She woke up at 5:30 am...so she went from 11:30-5:30 without eating...thats 6 hours! The only problem is for 3 of those hours she was wide awake! So the formula works and she had a poopie today (thats what I was worried about with trying a new formula)! So to all you mothers with babies who do not sleep through the night, you might want to try it!

Tomorrow morning we are going to Dallas. My sister-n-law is having a baby!!!!!! YAY!! Audrie will have a 1st cousin so close to her age! It is going to be super fun! We cant wait to meet Ellie Joyce! I will post pictures!