Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1 year check-up!

Audrie had her one year check-up yesterday...yes, its 1 1/2 months late! When her first 1 year check-up was here, our pediatrician had a family emergency....and the next appt we could get was yesterday!

She was being silly, not screaming out of pain! Well, right then a few moments later she was screaming from pain!

She weighed 22.04 ounces (55 percentile) and 32 3/4 inches (off the charts)...

She got 5 shots, which made me sad, but she got over them real fast! 

She keeps me very busy and keeps me laughing! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I got this phone call a few weeks ago. It was a woman asking me to facilitate a Bible study at our church. My first thought was I have so much going. My second thought was, I am sure they tried everyone else and  I was the only one available. I said yes, because I am one of those people that have a hard time saying no to things like that.

So here I am. First day of Bible study and 2/3 of the class are older women. Like great-grandmothers older women. Dont get me wrong, they are some of the most sweetest, loving, funny ladies. But I left, thinking, God, what are you doing?

1. I go to this huge church and you picked me to teach this? Surely you have someone more qualified? I mean, some weeks I dont even read my Bible!

2. Why in the world am I teaching a Bible Study about "idols"? I surely dont have any of those.

3. Why am I teaching these older women? I know they have much more wisdom then I do. I am sure they are thinking, what in the world is this 25 year old doing trying to teach me something about the Bible, I am sure doesnt even read her bible every week!

God replied, I chose YOU. You do have idols and I want all of you. I want you to spend time with me everyday. You have just as much to bring to these older woman as they have to give to you.

I am so humbled. And grateful. What an amazing study we had today. I definitely have learned more from them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I love...

How do mother's with toddlers find time to blog? I do not understand. During naps, I am cleaning, doing my bible study or taking a shower.  (Sometimes talking on the phone to a girlfriend)...then when she is down for the night, I am exhausted. Too exhausted to think, much less type what I am thinking! But i love having a toddler. Before, I was sad as Audrie got older, which I still am sometimes...but,

I love seeing her do or say a new thing everyday!

I love that she can walk to me or away from me if it is time for a diaper change!

I love that she can communicate with me even if it is through sign language or grunting.

I love that she smiles because she is happy. Not just because she can smile.

I love that when we watch The Office, she dances to the opening song.

I love that she has such a strong personality!

I love that she is silly and carefree.

I love that she holds our hands especially if she is in a new place.

And...I love that she loves her daddy so much.

Makes my heart melt. :)