Thursday, April 28, 2011

36 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:36 Weeks

Size of baby: Im guessing around 6 lbs? Who knows!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Goodness. Not counting. The doc tries to make me feel better and says its all fluid. I know he is lying!

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Some of my maternity clothes do not fit anymore :(

Gender: Boy. Hezekiah "Ki" Eugene. 

Movement: Everything I read says he will start moving less because of no room to move, Well, Ki does not understand this concept! ANd now, sometimes when he moves real low on my bladder, I pee a little. I cant help it! 

Sleep: Some nights good, some nights bad. Hopefully, I will get to nap every day next week!

What I miss: energy, sleep

Cravings: Nothing in particular. I just LOVE food. Still craving/eating lots of ice. 

Symptoms: Most of them still. 

Best Moment this week:  The doc appt. It made it seem so real that this baby will be here soon! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The end is near!!!

Yesterday while at work, my back started hurting really bad. Like it just started all of a sudden. When I got home, I cleaned out the refrigerator, then laid on a heating pad. It seemed to help and I fell asleep. This morning I woke up about 5:00 to pee and couldnt breath (due to a sinus infection). I decided it was a good time to clean the kitchen. First of course, I had to check facebook. As I was sitting there, I kept feeling funny. And then a contraction came. Really low and to the right. I have continued to have back pain and contractions since. I dont think they are really consitistent. Some of them have been weenie and some have been really strong. It is a month until my due date so I am hoping it isnt really labor. I feel like I still have alot to get done before I am ready for his arrival. And I REALLY REALLY want to breastfeed and I know he is less likely to latch on if he is this early. I have MOPS this morning then a doctors appt at 2. Hopefully, the doc will say they are nothing :)

After a short nap this morning, the contractions stopped and the back pain continued. We went to the doctor at 2. He did the strep B test and checked me. I am 3cm and 70% effaced. Same that I was with Audrie at 36 weeks only they induced me that day. He thinks I will go in to labor on my own about 37/38 weeks, of course you never know, i could go to 40. I sure hope not! This back pain is killer, hope is doesnt last until I deliver. Ugh.

I freaked out some this morning because the kitchen wasnt clean, the floors werent vacuumed the car seat was still in pieces because I washed all of it, ha. Those contractions were intense. I thought it was time. Relieved that it wasnt.

In other news: After much prayer and talking, GT and I decided it would be best for me to stay home again full time. I LOVE working at Hannah House and what the ministry has taught me. I hate that I have only been there a few months, but I know that it is clear God is closing the door and has made a way again for me to stay home. My last day will be Friday so I will hopefully have some time to get all the little things in order before Ki is here :)  and maybe a day to get my hair done and a pedicure! I do plan on continuing to be involved in the ministry as a volunteer.

Updates to continue...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Opinions from Facebook

I think this pregnancy is making me super opinionated these days. I have written a few facebook statuses, that I normally probably wouldnt open that can of worms, but these days, I am like who cares.


FB Status: "What would the world be like if people got as excited about Jesus as the do Brittney Spears"
This came from watching GMA one morning, I watch it most mornings. And to see all these people at one of her concerts and people crying for her and standing in line for days to see her. Really? I have never been a big fan of Brittney. I certainly dont care if people like her, but to go to those lengths? What if we went to those lengths for the cause of Christ? When is the last time these people cried over their sins? Or their lost loved ones? Or the fact that Jesus died on the cross for us so we could have LIFE??????? And when is the last time (myself included), did I seek him so passionately for hours? days? even minutes? When is the last time I made real time for him, not just giving him my left-overs? Whew, Im turning red. Ha!

FB Status: "I could care less about the royal wedding"
I do think this is interesting to some degree. Like, if there was nothing else on tv and there was a documentary about royal weddings, I might watch it. HOWEVER, every day for like 3 months that is all people are talking about on tv/news. What about the real things happening in the world? What about real life????? I really really dont care to speculate who is making her dress or if she will spend a last wild night as a bachelorette...because I live in reality where I have my child(ren) and husband to care for and think about.To me, the prince and kate are just normal people getting married and spending wayyyyyy tooooo much money doing it. Money that could go to a much better cause.

Lastly, not a FB status, but an article that has been going around FB. Here is the link
Basically, the writer is talking about how he saw an inappropriately dressed 10 year old, then goes into discussion of popular clothing brands creating clothes that are too mature for the age they target. He goes on to say dont blame the clothing brand however, blame parents, because someone is buying it or it wouldnt be produced. I totally agree with his whole article. I do take a step further. It isnt just when they are kids, its for the rest of their lives. We should be training our children to see the point of wearing modest clothes. Which ties to purity, which ties to marriage. We should be training our children about how precious marriage is and one day they will be able to have a great marriage and lots of great sex, and they can run around the house naked all day if they want to! Honest truth- most of my friends know this--at home, I am not modest at all. I have no idea why. I will change in front of any of my friends, I just somehow dont care. However, in public, I feel modesty is extremely important. Of course, like any other teen, I fought with my parents over this issue constantly, but I am so glad my mom put her foot down. I feel like it starts now with Audrie, at 20 months old, teaching her about it.

Man, these pregnancy hormones have me crazy! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Life Update!

Whew. Life has been busy! Here a few pictures of what we have been up to:

Baby shower for Ki at my Mother-in-Laws!

 Audrie and her Auntie!

 Audrie took this picture of herself! Haha!

Cupcakes from the shower at my grandma's! SO cute! 

Audrie and Grammie! 

Seriously, I am the worst person at remembering to take pictures! :(  These are the only ones I got from my showers. Oops. 

Sometimes I cant believe we only have 5 weeks left! AH! GT and I had a lengthy conversation about it last night. He is least looking forward to Audrie's attitude/jealousy. I am least looking forward to not being able to do things I could do with just 1 and trying to balance my time between the two. 

There are many many times I think that I am so glad we are having another one so soon. I am glad for Ki and Audrie. I pray that they are close and are "buddies". I know there will be fighting and jealousy which is normal. Audrie already loves babies and I think she will enjoy being a big sister. I will be sure to keep yall updated, i am sure reality will be much different! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:34 Weeks

Size of baby: Approx 4.75 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Over 40. but it did slow down some. 

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Some of my maternity clothes do not fit anymore :(

Gender: Boy. Hezekiah "Ki" Eugene. 

Movement: For entertainment, GT and I sit and watch my belly move for forever!

Sleep: Between peeing all the time, horrible heartburn and pregnancy insomnia..not good.

What I miss: Normalcy

Cravings: Nothing in particular. I just LOVE food.

Symptoms: Most of them.

Best Moment this week:  Buying Ki some cute clothes from the boardwalk! :) And Audrie too! 

Things to Note: We had a doc appt this week. Highlights: He thinks Ki will be around 7 lbs when born. That would thrill this mama! :)  He thinks I can do it natural. I sure hope so. He said I could deliver the baby with my own hands!!!! WHAT???? I got so excited. GT got a little grossed out! My bp was great! My blood sugars have been low! Yay for a good pregnancy! At 34 weeks with Audrie we were being put in the hospital on bedrest! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ruston, Potty Training and the Brocato!

I could kick myself for not taking any pictures this weekend! GT, Audrie and I went to Ruston for the weekend to spend time with my BFF Allison, her husband Daniel, her mom and brother/sister-n-law.

The weekend included: swimming in the indoor pool, eating at Monjunis, Dawg House, El Jarrito. ANd Maggie Moo's--yes, Ruston has a Maggie Moos! Who knew??? Then shopping at the bookstore, Childrens Shoppe, Beehive, Fabric Store, and of course a little coffee from Frothy Monkey.

We had wanted to go walk around on campus, but due to a high fever and ear infection we couldnt. Audrie has had like 5 ear infections this year! :(  Or since winter. So, this time we are going back in 2 weeks to possible discuss tubes. I vote yes for the tubes. My dad had ear problems all his life and GT had to get tubes, I say go ahead and do it now because I am sure we will have to eventually. She has been such a trooper.

On to more business...Potty Training. Audrie is now telling me when she needs to potty, however, she is either in the process of it or we are in the car, or in a store. She has only peed 1 time in the toilet and it was with her NaeNae (GT's mom). Now, when I put her on the toilet she strains and toots alot, so I feel like this is a good step in the right direction. My plans are to start really training when Ki is born and I am home for 6 weeks. We will see if this is possible.

Pregnancy...I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. His room is semi-ready. When GT gets paid next I will be buying mini-blinds, curtain rod, hanging canvases and working on some more art projects for his room. Then it will be completed and I will post pictures. I got the diaper bag I wanted! And I got it like 60% off! :)

And lastly...What Mama Wants....

Brocato Vibrastrait Oscillating Flat Iron Straightener

Lets go through the history of Lydia and hair straighteners.

 I got my first one in high school. It was big and gold from Sally's and it pulled my hair like whoa. 

Then I heard about the Chi. At this time you could only get it if you were a beautician. So, one of my classmates had a grandma who could get them. Oh, how my life changed. That one broke in college. 

Then I got a pink one. It broke too. I think I went through a few more...but the one I have now has made it through alot. I know many hair dressers would try to get me to try another kind, but I was faithful to my Chi. 


My good buddy pal Allison had the Brocato. And I used it. AND IT WAS AMAZING! My hair has never been so straight and shiny...and it stayed that way for 3 days! 3 days people! I didnt have to re-straighten! 

Bad news..Its expensive. The hubs said I can only get it if my Chi breaks. Now I am praying for my Chi to break! Ha! Seriously, if you have thick, unruly hair and you think the Chi is amazing, try this. Oh my! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

32 weeks!

Oops. I just realized I missed my 32 weeks post! My B! So no pic, but here are the highlights!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along:32 Weeks

Size of baby: 3.75 pounds approx, Im guess 4ish, although this week at the doctor he was measuring 29 weeks. The doc said it was because he wasnt stretched out...I would be thrilled to have a small newborn! 

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Remember last week when I said it was slowing down? HA! We wont go there but its not good. The doc re-weighed me because he thought the nurse wrote my weight down wrong. Yes, that is bad.

Maternity Clothes: Again, a change from last week. Due to the skirt and dress wearing, plus the weight gain= thighs that rub together. Not good. Ugh.

Gender: Boy. Hezekiah "Ki" Eugene. My grandmother informed my mom today that we need to change our minds because he wont be able to spell his name until junior high! HAHA! And she said he would hate me for it. HAHA! She is funny! But his name is still Hezekiah.

Movement: Still Constant. He gets the hiccups alot and that is always fun.

Sleep: The past 2 nights I have been sleeping in a hotel bed with sucky pillows with a sick child in the room and a snoring husband. Oh, sleep, I miss you.

What I miss: I miss normal size ankles and hands.

Cravings: Nachos with queso topped with shredded chicken and sour cream.  AND ICE! I can get enough ice. My iron levels are fine. I double checked. 

Symptoms: I hate the third trimester.

Best Moment this week:  Hearing his heartbeat. And Audrie showing people where baby brother is and now when we say "What is his name?" She says "Ki" in the sweetest voice.

Things to Note: We had a doc appt this week. Our doctor likes to talk. ALOT. About useless crap. I made an early appt this time (9:15) hoping we were just in and out. I was wrong. We finally see the doc at 10 am. But before that the nurse checks my blood pressure and she says its a little high, and I immediately say, "Is their protein in my urine?" and she says a little. I start freaking out (not really but kinda)...Like, here we go again with pre-ecclampsia. I need to work this next month. What would I do with Audrie...all these thoughts going through my head. He comes in like its no big deal. Doesnt mention protein in my urine and said my blood pressure really wasnt that high. But they were concerned I gained 12 lbs in 3 weeks. :(   Apparently I am retaining ALOT of fluid. Anyway, overall good appt, I go back in 2 weeks. Blood sugars are still good to go.