Thursday, December 23, 2010


We had the gender sonogram on December 21. My parents and GT were there, we left Audrie at the sitter's house. The first thing the technichian (Evelyn) did was look at his private parts to tell us he was boy! Which of course is something I knew all along! :)

We are naming him Hezekiah Eugene Nehls. We are going to calling him Ki. Hezekiah is my grandfather's middle name, great grandfather's middle name and great great great grandfather's name. And Hezekiah was a great King in the Bible!

Eugene is GT's middle name as well as his dad's and grandfathers.

Right now, Ki is 8 ounces (so 1/2 pound)...and my due date is May 26th. It was so strange when the tech did the 4-D sono at times I thought he looked like Audrie. How in the world can a 8 ounce baby already look like Audrie? I dont know but he did, my dad even thought so!

My dad had a dream the night before about my sonogram. He wouldnt tell us what the gender was in his dream, until after, and it was boy! :)

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

16 weeks

I missed my last doctor's office posts. These holiday's keep me busy! :)

I went to the doctor on December 7th (I was 15 weeks). We listened to the heartbeat again, 162...made me doubt my boy prediction a little. Audrie was there this time and she had no clue what was going on of course. She was like, what are they doing to my mommy??? Then I had a test for Chlamydia and Gonherria (sp?), I think...I assured them I didnt have either, but of course, procedure...blah.

So to the fun stuff...well, maybe not too fun. I really started showing about 3 weeks ago (so 13 weeks). It was like one day I woke up and had a belly. I am back to the weight I started when I found out we were preggo. I need to start taking belly pics each week or so! I have fully turned in my normal clothes to maternity. Ugh. Well except a few shirts I can still wear, but I am in all maternity pants.

We have an ultrasound on December 21 to find out if its a boy or girl! I really think its a boy. Like, if she tells me its a girl, I might fall out. I would love to have either. I LOVE having a girl. I think it is so much fun! I have heard boys are fun too and easy. I cant believe we are going to have 2! Sometimes, I think we are NUTS! :)

I will try to post on the 21 when we find out!