Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekly Update- 12 weeks!

Sorry for the bathroom selfie

Pregnancy Highlights:

Since I just started blogging about it, I will catch yall up and 4-12 weeks in one post! 

How Far Along: 12 weeks 

Size of baby: Clementine 

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Loss around 10 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I am in some maternity shirts now...I still can fit in my normal pants. I feel like I am kind of cheating because I looked pregnant before I really was. 

Gender: At the beginning I was SURE it was a boy. But at the last doc appt the heart rate was 170 and for some reason I think it could be a girl! Should find out the end of June/ beginning of July. In the very beginning, I dreamt it was a boy- then 2 nights ago GT dreamt it was a girl! 

Movement: Not yet..but I know its coming! 

Sleep: The first few weeks were kind of rough but it is getting better. I am finding I sleep better when I am not at my house...isnt that strange?

What I miss: Wanting food, not being nauseous

Cravings: Cheese, Carbs, Sweets


Nausea- I have been nauseous since about 6 weeks. I was nauseous with Audrie but not with Ki another reason I think maybe a girl. And I dont have "Morning" sickness. I have afternoon/evening sickness. I start to sick after lunch and stay that way until bed time. I am not throwing up just nauseous. Nothing sounds good to eat. I do feel like this is getting better. It still sucks!

Exhaustion- Oh man! This has really been not fun. From about 6-10 weeks I was SO EXHAUSTED in the afternoons. This has gotten ALOT better.

Then we cant forget the heartburn (isnt terrible yet) and constipation. I dont really remember that one with the last two so thats been a real fun surprise- NOT!

Best Moment this week

Really my best moments the past few weeks are how excited the kids are about mommy having a baby in my tummy. Ki really doesnt care about the baby, he just wants to be a big brother. Audrie is so excited- she is a little mama. She wants the baby to be another boy so she can "boss those boys around" she says! Ki wants a sister- who knows why? Audrie has been asking TONS of questions. Some a little hard to answer...and lots of explaining. Ki is completely oblivious! 

Other than that, the second sonogram was really fun. Hearing the heartbeat and seeing that baby do some flips! It always makes it seem more "real". Sometimes I still cant believe we will be a family of 5! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baby Nehls #3!

Well, it's been about 4 years since I have written a blog post! My how life changes with two kids! :)

Since we are pregnant with number 3, I have been going back and reading through the beginning of my pregnancies with the other 2. I love remembering stuff I have forgotten and being reminded of what it was like to be pregnant with each I am back! Even though this is probably our last pregnancy, I still want to try to keep it documented!

I guess I should start by giving some background- after I had Ki I struggled with post partum anxiety. I started medication a week after he was born and was fine. I stopped the medication when he was around 4 or 5 months, and I was fine for 2 years. Then I started have panic attacks and really struggled with anxiety after that. This time getting on medication didnt "solve" it but I have learned how to live with it. (I still take medication for it-just wasnt a fix all)  My mental health has played in a big role in why we have waited so long to have another baby. For the past 2 years, we knew we wanted another child, but I was too scared. And Ki was a handful. Thankfully with age, Ki has calmed down some and I finally was at a place that I felt like I could handle another. I still had a lot of fear of what it would be like to be pregnant. What will happen to my mental health after this child? And all those thoughts that are NOT from God. This year we studied Moses in BSF and God used that to continue to speak to my fears. I had to let go of them and trust that God will take care of me and my family like he has continued to do throughout our life!

I started to wean off my medication and we felt "ready" as we will ever be. So my plan (I didnt tell GT) was to try for 3 months and if we didnt get pregnant then it was a sign from God that it wasnt His plan. Well the first 2 months I chickened out. Ha!  The third month I took the plunge and here we are!

I was supposed to start on March 26. I had started taking pregnancy test on March 23. They were always negative. I am usually very on March 28 I went and bought the expensive test, the ones that say pregnant or not pregnant. It said not pregnant. I was so frustrated. I really lack patience. I just wanted to know! I accepted at that point that I wasnt pregnant and being 30 just made my hormones whacky!

Fast forward to March 31...I had gone and run some errands. Went through the drive through at Panera Bread (Fuji salad...they are the best!)... Came home to watch a show and eat my salad. I still hadnt started so thought why not take another test. All I had left was the dollar store kind. I took it and forgot about it. I was eating my salad and remembered the test. I looked down at it...and...

Its a super faint line but its there! :) 

So this was at lunch time, I waited 5 hours to tell GT! This was REALLY hard! I am horrible at keeping secrets especially one like this! But I waited... And this is how I told him...

Top left- I am pregnant! 

I have a video of us telling the kids but it isnt I will upload it to facebook later!

I hope to update weekly! I already have some things I dont want to forget!