Monday, March 7, 2011

28 wk sonogram!

Today we got to see Ki again! I am sad to report I have no pictures to share. Well...I do, but you cant tell what anything is. See, the child has his head super low and to the left with his arms and legs covering his face.

Good news: He is head down! And will probably stay that way the remainder of the pregnancy!

OK news: He is approx 2 lbs 14 oz, the average at this point is 2 lbs 4, hes a big boy, what can I say? He has a big mama and daddy!

Good news: Everything looked great. He is healthy! We are so grateful for this!

Bad news: We have 12 weeks left and sooooooo much to do!!!!!

To do list for next few weeks: Pick out and purchase paint. Begin painting his room. Pick out and purchase carpet. Get carpet installed. Clean couches (or pay someone to :)  ) ...trying not to overwhelm myself so that is the short list.

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